Despite the slightly conflicting news we are hearing in the media regarding the economy, the New Year has kicked off with a marked increase in new roles being released on to the market.

Recruiters are finding good candidates struggling to juggle interviews and in the enviable position of having to make a choice between multiple offers.

It is essential at this time, more than ever that employers revisit their recruitment process in order attract, select and offer to the best people, or lose out to competitor companies.

Here are some of the key pointers to attracting and securing the best talent in a market where good candidates are in high demand and short supply:



Don’t start the process until you know you can finish it – quickly and effectively about his. It is essential hiring managers are available to see great people and make decisions soon after releasing the role to market. Too often a candidate is identified as being ideal at first interview and is lost from the process due to holidays or busy diaries. Be sure to keep the momentum going throughout the process.



You may know why this is a great opportunity but don’t presume that the right people for it do!

Hiring managers are generally so busy by the time they come to recruit they don’t feel they have the time to put together an enticing job description. An hour or so invested at this stage could save weeks and months later, when losing ideal candidates due to lack of communication.

The team at Connect Recruitment are experts in partnering with managers to formulate job descriptions, advising on appropriate job titles and indeed helping our clients to differentiate themselves from the competition – establishing the unique mix of characteristics, advantages and appeal of working for each.



This is not a market in which employers can expect to interview numerous candidates across a number of a weeks to ensure enough people have been seen to make an informed decision. At least not if they expect all involved to be available for round two of the process.

Right now there is a very real chance that the ideal candidate interviewed in week one, who ticked all the boxes and could really add value, has been snatched up elsewhere during this period of benchmarking. The companies securing the best talent are making decisions when they see the right people – and their commitment to those people of a prompt offer often holds more sway than the possibility of a second interview, regardless of your brand and benefits.


For more information on hiring staff in the current market, or to engage our help in recruiting for your organisation, please contact one of the team at Connect Recruitment.

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