The impact of recruiting the wrong person to any organisation is undeniable.

The financial implications are obvious, but what about the time invested in devising and conducting training, and that spent in correcting mistakes following that person’s departure?

There is also the effect on morale of other team members to consider and (rightly or wrongly), a potential cost to reputation – particularly where there are high levels of attrition, something wholly unappealing to prospective employees and potential clients for that matter.

It pays therefore to invest the time in getting your staff recruitment process absolutely right.

It is vital to remember that you are recruiting a living, breathing being, formed of the whole sum of their experiences, personal and professional. Not just a list of skills antabuse tablets 500mg.

That may sound obvious, but so often the focus when engaging staff is on skills or qualifications alone. Whilst important, it is also imperative the individual fits with your existing team and customers. The most highly skilled person can prove unsuccessful, when put in the wrong place. Conversely there are those who, given an opportunity are outperforming colleagues who would seem much stronger on paper.

Getting it right starts with looking at your existing team and customer base and establishing who is going to perform well within it. What sort of work ethic is going to fit? What does this person need to be motivated by? What sort of person will add value? What sort of person would cause problems?

It is only when attitude and aptitude are considered as important as skill set that effective and lasting hires can be made and all manner of recruitment costs kept to a minimum.

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