With such a profound skills shortage in the recruitment market in the Thames Valley, there has been a marked increase in the number of counter offers made to and accepted by candidates.

Recruitment companies generally describe counter offers as the work of the devil, advising candidates to stand firm and giving all the reasons they shouldn’t accept:

  1. It took your resignation in order to establish your true worth
  2. Your employer has only decided to do so as offering you more money to stay is cheaper for them than the process of hiring and training a replacement
  3. Your departure would cause unrest within the team, so keeping you is merely an effort to maintain the morale of others
  4. Your salary increase will be coming out of the budget set aside for your next salary review.
  5. Your lack of loyalty to the organisation will be considered next time promotions are considered among your peers.

Certainly these are factors to consider when deciding whether or not to accept a counter offer. Perhaps one or some do apply in your case. Perhaps they don’t – and your employer was just waiting for you to show you were ready for the next step before awarding you more money.

Either way, before deciding whether you should stay or go, the overriding consideration has to be this:

Does accepting a counter offer address all of your issues with your employer?

If your dissatisfaction was purely money – related – great.

If not – keep your end goal in sight. This is an important career decision wbkyyzk. Write down pros and cons for staying or accepting a new opportunity.

This is your future moved here. Make it the best one you possibly can.


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